Another Day on the Ranch

With November quickly approaching, and the amount of work piling up, Ranch work has seemed to reach an all-time high. Ted and Sheryl DeVault have opened their studio up to several big-name ceramic artists across the country to come and fire the Reitzagama around Thanksgiving. Some are traveling more than 2,500 miles to be apart of this great event. 

The crew that was selected to fire the work were selected from the final firing of the Reitzagama with Don. Some of the artists who are participating are, Chris Gustin, Matt Long, Mat Rude, Heidi Kreitchet, Preston and Sara Tolbert and several more

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Florida Heat at St. Petersburg, FL

I have been fortunate enough to attend Florida Heat once again! This is my second time going with Don and I cant wait for next year.

The St. Petersburg Clay Company, Morean Arts Center, and Highwater Clays, are located into the Historic Seaboard Coastline Freight Depot also known as "The Train Station". Florida Heat is put on by the Train Station of St. Petersburg, FL.  Florida Heat is a 2 week firing symposium, where artists come together to fire several different atmospheric kilns, like an Anagama woodkiln, a train kiln, soda kiln and a salt kiln.

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