Another Day on the Ranch

With November quickly approaching, and the amount of work piling up, Ranch work has seemed to reach an all-time high. Ted and Sheryl DeVault have opened their studio up to several big-name ceramic artists across the country to come and fire the Reitzagama around Thanksgiving. Some are traveling more than 2,500 miles to be apart of this great event. 

The crew that was selected to fire the work were selected from the final firing of the Reitzagama with Don. Some of the artists who are participating are, Chris Gustin, Matt Long, Mat Rude, Heidi Kreitchet, Preston and Sara Tolbert and several more

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Don Reitz Retrospective

This weekend Don, Kathleen, Larry and I traveled to Kansas City, MO for Don's opening of his retrospective show at the Belger Arts Center! It was an absolutely amazing show, so much wonderful work in one room. The opening was a wild success with hundreds of people stopping throughout the evening to see the show and see Don. Don's family Brent (son), Donna (daughter) and Nancy (sister) were all there and our Florida family was able to fly out to see the show and be with us. My parents were able to make it in the day after the show which was really nice to see the both of them. 

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Mat Rude Visit

This November Don Reitz has invited 4 major ceramic artists to come out and be apart of an Anagama firing. To prepare for the kiln Don invited his past assistant Mat Rude to come out and help make some larger pieces for the upcoming firing with us. It was really great to see my old friend (not too often you get to see other people out at the ranch), and work in the studio to create some really amazing work.It was truly amazing to see each piece start from a basic cylinder or cone shape and become absolutely fascinating sculptures. There were several times over the last 5 days that I couldn't help but just pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. It was so cool to see the studio so full of energy and creativity. As the pieces were being assembled Don was bouncing from piece to piece working a little bit on each one allowing the other to dry. That was pretty fascinating to see how Don works with the larger scale work. Below are photos from the week and I will upload the final pieces as they are finished. I'm really looking forward to the Anagama firing!

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