Reitzagama – Update Unloading!

After almost 3 years of being at the Reitz Ranch I have finally fired every kiln Don has! The Reitzagama was the last piece to my kiln firing puzzle and it went great! The X-Mural was about 50% of the 375 cubic foot anagama kiln.

This was such a great experience because we had Dan AndersonMatt Long, Toney Harris, Tom Alward, Preston Tolbert, Hope Barnett, Jonathan Cross, Larry and I firing the kiln together. I learned so much from this firing, and cant wait to see the results!


Reitzagama 2013

We unloaded the kiln today and overall the kiln was a success. The X-Mural was fantastic! Also any dark clays in the kiln look really great. However, any of the "whiter" clays had a bit tougher time in the kiln. They stayed white and weren't very affected by the wood in the kiln.

All-in-all the kiln was a success, and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. I learned so much about the Reitzagama and wood-kilns in general. Photos from the unload will be posted asap!