Florida Heat at St. Petersburg, FL

I have been fortunate enough to attend Florida Heat once again! This is my second time going with Don and I cant wait for next year.

The St. Petersburg Clay Company, Morean Arts Center, and Highwater Clays, are located into the Historic Seaboard Coastline Freight Depot also known as "The Train Station". Florida Heat is put on by the Train Station of St. Petersburg, FL.  Florida Heat is a 2 week firing symposium, where artists come together to fire several different atmospheric kilns, like an Anagama woodkiln, a train kiln, soda kiln and a salt kiln. The Soda and Salt kilns, headed by Matt Long and assisted by Toney Harris, were fired twice during the 2 weeks and the Anagama and Train kiln were fired once.

Locked and Loaded, Ready for the trip back to Clarkdale, AZ

Joy Tanner and William Baker were also there to fire the Train kiln, and John Balistreri, Chris Gustin and Don Reitz were there to fire the Anagama kiln. I was able to help load the Anagama with John and Chris and fire a few days before heading back to sunny Arizona to gear up for the "Reitzagama" firing in a few weeks.

After flying back home to prepare for the Reitzagama kiln, I flew back to St. Petersburg, FL to help with the unloading of the Anagama kiln. After the unloading I packed up the truck full of work and headed back to Arizona where we were beginning to load the Reitzagama kiln upon my arrival.

Overall, the symposium was a great success with dozens of participants and great weather. I'm looking forward to next year which is planned for January!