Robert Roti

My grandfather passed away Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, at Northshire Residence in Spencer. In honor of his service and his legacy I crated a dog tag helmet using his original dog tags from WWII. Grandpa Roti was an amazing man and the piece is very personal to me. It's made of a low fire earthenware clay and low fire underglazes. I plan on making more work with dog tags in the future.

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Antiwar Artists Gallery

I was just asked to be included in this Online Gallery. I've got some work up on there with far more to come.

Antiwar Artists Galleries

Antiwar Artists is a collection of international artists who depict the effects of war and other injustices on people and other living things. These galleries contain artwork that may offend some people, because war itself is offensive to the artists included here. Antiwar is a collaborative effort to communicate for peace through art.The galleries also include environmental and other socially conscious artwork and photos.New artists are always welcome to join us. We are having a new online Exhibit in August. Check back soon for more information on the exhibit!

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