Coconino Community College Art Faculty Exhibition

Featured CCC faculty artists in the exhibit are: Hope Barnett, Joe Cornett, Don Fethkenher, Elaine Dillingham, Jeremy Gemetta, Trace Glau, Alan Petersen, Bennett Roti, James Schroeder and Barbara Sheeley.

The exhibit will feature photography, oil and acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, wood work, ceramics and more.

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I'm excited to be a co-featured artist with Ben Craigie at SoSoba and The Commerce in Flagstaff, Arizona. Be sure to check it out for first Friday, or stop by have some great food and maybe a few cocktails.  

#benlaugh at SoSoBa and The Commerce.

Join us for First Friday Artwalk this Friday February 5th for a very special art installation by Benjamin Craigie and Bennett Roti. 

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Origin is the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. In preparation for my show at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, I spent time reflecting on my own origin, roots, and life experiences. My ceramic career began 15 years ago at the Pearson Lakes Art Center where my work is currently on display. Taking that into account, this sense of nostalgia or “coming home” is the focal point of my recent creative efforts. The objects I crafted have a pronounced texture covered by bright colors that are worn down to reveal the raw earthenware clay below. This fabrication process creates a butter-soft patina and timeworn appearance in each piece. My hope is that viewers will handle the work and can connect with their own pasts…their origins.

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Origins - By Bennett Roti

It has been a while since I've updated my site, a lot has changed in my life and there is a lot to look forward to! At the end of this month I will be having a solo show at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, IA. The show will run from October 30th 2014 - December 31st 2014. There is an opening night reception on October 30th 2014 from 5-7pm. It is open to the public and I will be present for the opening. Looking forward to seeing so many friendly faces. If you're in the area on the 30th please stop by and enjoy some art. Click here for more information

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Robert Roti

My grandfather passed away Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, at Northshire Residence in Spencer. In honor of his service and his legacy I crated a dog tag helmet using his original dog tags from WWII. Grandpa Roti was an amazing man and the piece is very personal to me. It's made of a low fire earthenware clay and low fire underglazes. I plan on making more work with dog tags in the future.

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