For years, Don Reitz lived and worked in Clarkdale quietly creating masterpieces at the Ranch.  Few in the Verde Valley were aware of the place and the magical activities afoot there.  Reitz is considered one of the fathers of modern ceramics, an artist who expanded the medium beyond functional tableware to immense, provocative works of abstract art.  His work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, and many others. 
Over the years, many assistants came to the Reitz Ranch from out of state to apprentice with...

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Summer at the Manheim Gallery

I will have work at the Menheim Gallery from July-September. Details are listed below. Images from Gala Opening will be posted after July 11th. Made In Clarkdale atThe Manheim Gallery Eleven Made In Clarkdale  Artists will be featured at the Manheim Gallery in Cottonwood this summer. Working with Patt Manheim, Made In Clarkdale will operate the Manheim Gallery and open a show for Made In Clarkdale artists "Summertime at the Manheim."The show opens July 1st with a Gala Opening Evening scheduled for July 11 from 6 PM to 9 PM during the Old Town Cottonwood 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

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Three Amigos – Ceramic Exhibition

Made In Clarkdale’s Corner Gallery announces the opening of the “Three Amigos Ceramic Exhibition”. Ben Roti, Michael Bolen and Luke Metz are excited to share their ceramic art collaboration. Each artist brings a unique vision and approach. Thinking outside the box is a quality all of these artists share. Come see where fine craftsmanship and art merge. 

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Made In Clarkdale 2014

It’s that time of year again, just after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas. Made In Clarkdale 2014 is upon us. I’m so excited to be participating in this fantastic show that includes so many artists from our community! This year there are over 50 artists showing at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse in Clarkdale, AZ. The show will run from December 5th – December 13th with the Opening Gala Event on Friday December 5th 2014 6pm-9pm.

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Army of One: Army of None

A couple of weeks ago I was in the local Made In Clarkdale show. The Made In Clarkdale Art Show(MIC) 2012 runs for 10 days beginning the first weekend of December featuring the original art of over 50+ artists with a variety of mediums including sculpture, visual art, photography, and wearable art in all price ranges. I met several wonderful people, and had a really great opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones as well! We had a wonderful turnout this year, and achieved our goal in sales to put on the show for next year. I focused mainly on getting two new pieces I have been working on titled "Army of One: Army of None" which were a hit. I received several wonderful comments and had some very engaging conversations.

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I put together a quick YouTube video for Don's Birthday (November 7th). I showed it to Don and he asked me put it online and share it with others. I'm putting the photos that go along with the video of the process for the hexaptych. The piece came out of the woodkiln this week and I will upload photos of the finished piece this week. Check back to see the finished photos.

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Studio Triptych

I got to work in the studio today with Don. Don worked on painting a new triptych that is 15"x 30" x 1". I was also able to help work on some new jars which completed photos will be posted as soon as they are finished. While Don was painting I stood by and took some great shots of him from start to finish.  Don starts by applying a "Base Coat" to give it a background color and then proceeds to apply the main imagery. These panels will be woodfired for about three days and will be fired to cone 13 (~2500 degrees Fahrenheit ).Check out the photos below:

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Antiwar Artists Gallery

I was just asked to be included in this Online Gallery. I've got some work up on there with far more to come.

Antiwar Artists Galleries

Antiwar Artists is a collection of international artists who depict the effects of war and other injustices on people and other living things. These galleries contain artwork that may offend some people, because war itself is offensive to the artists included here. Antiwar is a collaborative effort to communicate for peace through art.The galleries also include environmental and other socially conscious artwork and photos.New artists are always welcome to join us. We are having a new online Exhibit in August. Check back soon for more information on the exhibit!

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Amazing Night Firing

It has been a little while since my last update this is because we are in the middle of a serious firing schedule. Don has a large retrospective show that will be coming up on May 4th 2012 at Belger Arts Center. So Don has been cranking out work left and right. With all the work that is being produced the work has to be fired. Since his show with Bentley Gallery that recently came down in January, we have been firing a wood kiln about once every week! We've also thrown in a few Salt kiln firings in there too. There has been a few times where we are firing a wood kiln and a salt kiln at the same time! Don's salt kiln is one of the loudest kilns I have really ever been around. (It was really nice when it had been going on for a few days and we get to turn it off, the silence was much appreciated) I did get a few shots of firing during my Midnight shift on March 3rd 2012. Below are a few photos from a night firing in March.

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