Friday, September 1

As the saying goes, no news is good news. Today was one of the first since we arrived a week ago that did not include any new tests, procedures, or needle sticks for our little guy. Leo was able to enjoy the loving embrace of his parents as well as several of his grandparents throughout the course of the day. What a pleasure it has been to hold our tiny munchkin once again! 

We learned that if Leo continues on this positive trajectory, his coarctation surgery may take place in the near future. He will need to be infection-free for seven days in order to proceed, though. This threshold will be reached on the evening of Wednesday, September 6. Barring any new complications, Leo may head to surgery late next week. The doctors have cautioned us that the date is still up in the air, but we are hopeful.

We would like to take this opportunity to once more thank all of you who have sent your well wishes and prayers. Your words of encouragement have sustained us when worry and fear creep in. We know we are not alone and are comforted by that thought. 

With the holiday weekend and Leo's stable condition, our updates will be less frequent over the next several days. It is our hope that we will have more good news to share in the week to come.