Monday, September 4

We are reminded that patience is a virtue as we continue our vigil with Leo. Our little guy remains in stable condition and the cardiologist assures us that the coarctation surgery will eventually happen. Of course, our question is...when? With any luck, we may hear some news tomorrow regarding scheduling. 

On Sunday night, Leo did develop a slight issue with his right leg. His mom and dad noticed some swelling and irritation on the leg with the PICC line. It was thought this might be a result of inactivity with his lower limbs. The treatment for the inflammation included hot packing and exercising his leg every hour. Thanks to his parents' nursing care throughout the day, the swelling and redness had decreased as of tonight. 

Leo is scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow. We will share those results and hope to hear a date for surgery. Please keep your fingers crossed for our sweet little pumpkin!