Tuesday, September 5

Leo started his day bright and early with another echocardiogram (not an ultrasound as I had indicated yesterday). This test found nothing remarkable which was good to hear. 

Leo's doctors are pleased with his progress and have green-lighted him for surgery. He has shown no further signs of infection and his vitals are strong and steady. Unfortunately, there may not be a spot open in the cardiac surgery schedule for another week. Bummer. 

So we wait. We cuddle and snuggle this little guy as often as we can. He is starting to develop a personality and lets us know when he is displeased. Diaper changes are not a favorite activity of Leo's and he rages when this has to be done. Thankfully, he typically quiets quickly with a pacifier and some calm words from his mom or dad. 

For now, we anxiously anticipate the day when we can lift up Leo and walk the room to comfort him. The day when he can move without lifesaving cords and lines attached to his tiny body. And the day when his parents can tuck him into his car seat and finally take him home. Soon, baby Leo, soon...