PICC Line Update

Around 10pm last night, a specialized IV team here at PCH inserted a PICC line into Leo's right leg. This central catheter was sent up his leg and through the major vein to his heart. The end of the catheter rests near the entrance to his heart and rapidly delivers medication and fluids as needed. 

An x-ray confirmed that the PICC line was properly placed so this was a relief. Ben and Kami, though, experienced a harrowing few hours as Leo had several apenic episodes. Pretty stressful when your baby stops breathing!

All was well by 2am this morning. The weary parents were able to finally able to head back to their room at the Ronald McDonald house here on campus.

Leo is now resting comfortably thanks to some heavy duty pain medications administered late last night. We expect him to sleep fairly soundly and look forward to seeing his beautiful blue eyes when he decides it's time to rise and shine.