Tuesday, September 12

It pleases us to share that there is not a whole lot to report today. Leo was taken off the ventilator this morning and has done well without it. Throughout the day, his nurse has slowly removed his fluid lines and multiple IV catheters. 

As of 5pm this afternoon, all that remained was Leo's PICC line, the chest drain, and a nasal cannula with 1L of passive oxygen. The doctor is optimistic that the chest tube may come out tomorrow. 

While his medical team has eased him off the morphine, he is now receiving hydrocodone and Tylenol for his pain and restlessness. We hope this diminishes in the next few days. Needless to say, the little guy is a bit sleepy. 

Happily, Leo has a good appetite despite his ordeal. Today alone they have stepped up his feedings to 40ml every two hours. He is one hungry baby!

Finally, the medical team is indicating Leo may be released to his mom and dad's care by the weekend. Ben, Kami and Leo are advised to stay on the PCH campus for another week following that. Everyone looks forward to the day quite soon when this Roti family can head back home to Cottonwood.