Monday, September 11 (Part 4-last one!)

As the day came to a close, Ben and Kami were finally allowed to see their little guy in the CVICU (cardiovascular intensive care unit). It was difficult to see Leo back on a ventilator. However, it was explained to us that this was necessary to prevent an undue burden on his repaired artery. With any luck, Leo will be weaned off the ventilator overnight or tomorrow.

Leo was also sporting a chest tube under his left armpit. This will stay in place until the drainage caused by surgery ends. Since this drain will likely be painful for him, he will be given morphine to ease his discomfort. We will be happy when these heavy-duty medications are no longer necessary.

Now Leo begins the hard work of healing. His progress will determine when he can be held, when he can start to nurse, and when he can leave the hospital. We are optimistic that this will be soon and will keep you in the loop as these latest milestones occur.