Thursday, September 7

Today was a relatively unremarkable day in the NICU for Leo. He ate, gazed up at whomever held him, and slept. In typical infant-like fashion, this pattern was repeated all day long. 

The only odd part of the day occurred late this afternoon. As usual, Leo was unhappy during the hot-packing of his right leg (necessary to help decrease the previous swelling and irritation from the PICC line). He began to cry and then really pitched a fit. During this time, his heart rate rose to over 200 beats per minute and stayed there for more than 15 minutes.

This elevated heart rate caused alarm with his nurse who notified the doctor who in turn ordered an x-ray and blood gases to be taken. Leo's dad, Ben, was able to finally soothe his little guy and Leo's vitals returned to normal. 

All tests quickly came back negative, but we are reminded once more why we are here at Phoenix's Childten's Hospital. While our Leo looks like a strapping big boy in a unit filled with tiny babies, he is still a fragile soul with a serious surgery in his future. We, however, are absolutely confident that his medical team will see him through this next important step.