Friday, September 8

Today was one filled with blessings. To begin, our family finally heard the words we have been waiting for during the past two weeks; Leo's coarctation surgery has been scheduled! 

The big day will be this Monday, September 11. While any emergencies over the weekend could preempt Leo's place in line, we hope his surgery will take place on that morning as planned. 

The surgeon spent a lengthy time explaining the procedure to Leo's mom and dad. He kindly answered their questions and reassured them that he would take excellent care of our little tiger. 

Leo also had the good fortune to have several special visitors arrive from Iowa. Grandpa Steve greeted him early this morning and Aunt Kellie came to the hospital later today. There was no shortage of beaming smiles and baby talk in Pod 11 (Leo's station) thoroughout the day. 

We are hopeful that Leo will have a restful weekend and be more than ready for events on Monday!!!