Wednesday, September 20-Final Post

We thought you might like to hear the conclusion to Leo's grand adventure. Since our last post, Ben, Kami, and Leo have transitioned from Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix to home in Cottonwood. Our little guy was released by his doctors on Monday the 18th and his happy parents were finally able to take him home.

While Leo continues to use oxygen at night as a precaution, he is beginning to experience all the things newborns typically do (just a few weeks later than normal). From car rides and stroller walks to baths and shoes, some things he enjoys and others...well, not so much. Oh, the pleasures of raising a baby!

We hope this will be our final post regarding Leo's health and would like to relay once more how much we have appreciated your support. As we sign off, please see the attached pictures which are a testament to Leo's progress and good health. Thanks to all!!!