Long Overdue Update

It’s hard to believe it has been over a year since my last update to my website. I feel like it might have been pushed off for a little too long. LOTS has happened since I previously updated my blog, I’ve gone through another school year teaching for Yavapai College. I started teaching on the Clarkdale campus this last Spring Semester. My family and I bought a house in Camp Verde, Arizona. However, with all of the changes over the past year the largest was accepting a position as the Education and Programming Director at the Reitz Ranch. I’m over-the-moon with the opportunity to work full-time again at the Ranch!


Among all of these changes, I’ve participated in a couple of studio tours, a few shows and tried my best to get into the studio whenever possible. Moving to Camp Verde forced me to work at the Ranch to make new work for one of the studio tours. With the newly-built soda kiln at the Reitz Ranch, my work has shifted from low-fire earthenware that has been sandblasted, back to the world of atmospheric firing. I really am enjoying the pallete change that has come with this endeavor. Dark colored clay to light, reductive process to additive I can not wait to see how this new body of work grows.

With all of these changes that have happened over the last year, I without a doubt, know there are far more that lie ahead. I have vowed to myself to try and keep a better eye on updating my website. This new body of work will force me to as I feel the other work looks dated on here.