September Kiln: UPDATED

This weekend we are firing a woodkiln out at the ranch. It has been a while since we fired a woodkiln so I'm very excited to get back into the woodfire mode. I put a few pictures of the stacking below. This kiln is such a breeze to load until we get to Don's sculptures. The smaller sculptures are pretty straightforward and can actually be done by one person, however, the larger sculptures (which usually end up on the top to utilize the arch of the kiln) are a little bit trickier. For most kiln loadings I have to crawl over the bag-wall, into the firebox, and help guide the piece onto the top shelf.I have a lot of new work in this kiln along with Kent, Larry, and Don. All together it should be a fantastic firing and will update the photos (and hopefully my portfolio) with the results from the firing.

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