Kansas University Pre-NCECA

I will be one of the Visiting Artists at Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas for the pre-NCECA events March 9-15.  Visiting Artists will lead the firing of the four wood kilns, along with demonstrations and other events.  Great opportunity to participate with a great line up of artists. More details here.

At the Chamney kiln complex on the west campus of the University of Kansas, there are four wood burning kilns; a large anagama, noborigama w/ salt chamber, bourry box (train) and a wood soda. Beginning on March 9 and ending on March 14, we will load & fire all four kilns, each kiln being lead by a pair of the visiting artists listed below.  People are encouraged to participate in these firings and work with these great artists.  Registration is limited, so sign up early.  You should bring bisqued work to fire.

 We will unload on the afternoon of March 19.

Marshall Maude is doing his best to try and keep this event as inexpensive as possible. Participation in the wood firings will include all firings, a T-shirt and one dinner.  The cost is $100; $50 for students and international participants are free.   Please also reserve your spot via email.