NAU Switchback Woodkiln

This weekend Larry, Don, and I went to Flagstaff, Arizona to see Northern Arizona University's new woodkiln. Jason Hess gave us a tour of the facility and we got to see the kiln during the middle of the firing. The kiln is a new design from a Japanese ceramic artist named Takashi Nakazato. The kiln, also known as the "switchback" kiln, has an anagama like firebox on one side with a stack above it and on the other side past the ware chamber is a train kiln firebox with a stack above that as well. The idea behind the kiln is to have the flame hit from one side and then stoke from the other side. This gives the work in the kiln some great atmospheric effects on both sides. They are unloading the kiln on Wednesday and it will be really great to see the results.  

Also if you are interested in seeing the unloading from the kiln or more info, check out this website Waking Rooster.