Combat Paper Project: Iowa

Some of my friends, Juston Rominger and Jesse Albrecht  have a show with other veterans titled Combat Paper Project: Iowa at the Johnson County Historical Society Museum, located at 860 Quarry Road, Coralville. "The exhibit is the result of a series of workshops in which at least a dozen veterans from multiple wars worked with the artists from the University of Iowa Center for the Book in the spring of 2010. The participants started from the same point of making their old uniforms into paper, but then veered off in different directions." - Press Citizen 2011. I was able to be there when several veterans turned their old military uniforms into paper back in 2010. (Click here to see pictures)


If you are in the Iowa City area, you should definitely check it out and support our veterans and friends. For more info go to Johnson County Historical Society. To learn more about the Combat Paper Project go to their website at