ASU Workshop

Don Reitz has decided to bequeef his land to ASU after he passes. With that Don has also decided to do several workshops with ASU as a satelite program for Arizona State University Ceramics. We had several people come and work at the ranch for 3 days (several slept in the studio to utualize their time in the studio). Don gave a mini demo of a triptych, platters, and slab bowls. Then the students went back to the Tempe campus and created more work down there. The following week we fired the Train kiln at the ranch and had amazing results. The kiln was all over the place (cone 10 down in front top, cone 13 down in the middle and cone 12 down in back). Even though the kiln was drastically different from the front to the back, the results were amazing. Thank you to Joan and Evan, who were some of the students that gave me their cameras so I could use the photos for my website. Can't wait for the next workshop!